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What if we told you that you are ageing faster than you might want to?

But what if we told you that you can have a great influence on how you age?

Until as recent as the previous century, many chronic diseases that we fear today like diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, and burnout were so uncommon that they were almost unknown to the average person. Our environment has an enormous influence on the ageing process and the state of our health. This includes toxins, UV light, smoking, how much we sleep and exercise, how we handle stress and very importantly our diet.

This gives us the opportunity to actually have a great degree of influence on how we age!

RevitaHealth believes that every woman ought to be herself, but be her best self.

Hosted on the breathtakingly beautiful Val de Vie Estate in the Valley of Life close to Paarl, these life-changing RevitaHealth Medical Wellness Retreats is the perfect getaway to reset and become equipped to take control of and influence your own mental and physical wellness.

The 4-day Princess Retreat and 5-day Queen Retreat is all about getting the know-how to prevent disease and ageing by equipping and showing you how to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Hosted by the two directors of RevitaHealth; Miss South Africa and Miss World 2014 - Rolene Strauss who is passionate about women and currently doing her Masters degree in Coaching, and medical doctor - Dr Ledivia Strauss who focuses on Functional, Regenerative, Preventative, Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine, the RevitaHealth Retreats are set out to be truly life-changing.

This is the first step of the journey to becoming your best self…

The Princess Package
4 Day Retreat

1. Wellness Consultation
2. InBody Measurement
3. One Month Eating Plan
4. Anti-Ageing Analysis
5. Non-invasive anti-ageing Treatment
6. Detoxifying Treatment
7. Daily Group Coaching Sessions
8. Individual Coaching Session with Dr Rolene Strauss
9. Weekly Online Wellness Support for a Month
10. Relaxing Body Massage
11. Daily Relaxation and Fitness Therapy sessions
12. Healthy, organic and detoxifying meals
13. 3 Evenings in the world renowned Mantis Pearl Valley Hotel
14. Wellness Gift Bag

Price: R37 777.50

Thursday to Sunday
5-8, 26-29 September 2019
10-13, 21-24 October 2019
2-5, 23-26 April 2020

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The Queen Package
5 Day Retreat

1. Epigenetic DNA testing
2. Wellness Consultation
3. InBody Measurement
4. One Month Individualised Eating Plan based on Epigenetic DNA test results
5. Detoxifying Rejuvenation Therapies
6. Detoxifying Supplements
7. Non Surgical Body Contouring Sessions
8. Anti-Ageing Analysis
9. Non-invasive anti-ageing Treatment
10. Daily Group Coaching Sessions
11. Individual Coaching Session with Dr Rolene Strauss
12. Weekly Online Wellness Support for a Month
13. Daily Relaxation and Fitness Therapy Sessions
14. Relaxing Body Massage
15. Personalised healthy, organic and detoxifying meals
16. 4 Evenings in the world-renowned Mantis Pearl Valley Hotel
17. Wellness Gift Bag

Price: R57 672.50

Wednesday to Sunday
18-22 September 2019
16-20 Oktober 2019
15-19 April 2020

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“If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness”