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Ageing is an inevitable process that brings about various different challenges and symptoms like chronic fatigue, memory loss, low libido, hot flushes, dry skin, insomnia, and the inability to lose weight.

Too often, patients succumb to the negative effects of imbalanced hormones and start using mostly ineffective and sometimes unnecessary chronic medication. By doing various blood tests, doctors at RevitaHealth assess individual hormone imbalances and provide customized treatment plans.

These individual treatment plans may consist of bioidentical hormone replacements, personalized supplements, nutritional plans as well as suggestions regarding lifestyle changes.

At RevitaHealth clients of all ages and genders can benefit from an anti-ageing consultation and customized treatment plans.


One of the key focus points of the doctors at RevitaHealth is ensuring our clients get the support they need to become holistically, balanced and healthy individuals.

Personalized treatment plans with the necessary medical, nutritional, and suggested exercise programs to ensure healthy weight loss will be offered.

At RevitaHealth we focus on the causes of obesity rather than the symptoms only.

The goal is to not only lose weight but to also lose unhealthy abdominal fat. RevitaHealth supports you to address the physical as well as the emotional challenges. Your treatment plan will be customized to accommodate your specific needs. Various causes of secondary weight gain will be looked at. Your weight loss journey will be monitored, supported, and adjusted where needed.

A poor self-image is probably the number one struggle people face today and at RevitaHealth we are excited to embark on this journey toward a healthier, happier you!


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Epigenetic DNA Testing

Our genes load the gun, our lifestyles fire the shots.

We all know the never-ending debate regarding nature versus nurture. ‘Nature’ gave each individual a unique set of genetic make-up. This makes us all react differently to environmental factors such as various types of food, stresses, and diseases.

RevitaHealth believes in the combination of nature and nurture. By knowing your ‘nature’, your ‘nurture’ can be optimized. After a thorough epigenetic DNA test, a detailed and personalized analysis report will ensure we know how your body will react to certain stimuli. Recommendations regarding a personalized lifestyle and nutritional plan can lead to healthy weight loss and prevent unfavourable diseases.

This report will include the reason for possible over-absorption of sugars and fats, why you might be struggling to lose fat through exercise, the reason behind your food cravings, any genetic predispositions in becoming pre-diabetic and gaining weight, sluggish removal of toxins causing weight gain. With this information, we are able to provide you with a gene-based healthy eating plan and suggestions for relevant vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and foods.