There is one major obstacle between ourselves and our beauty, self-image.

Since the moment women were created, ‘beauty’ has been an integral part of our being.

A poor self-image is probably the number one struggle women face today.

Make a conscious decision to give your body the care it needs, inside and out.

Preventative medicine is the future.

At RevitaHealth clients of all ages and genders can benefit from an anti-ageing consultation and possible customized treatment plans.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be the best version of yourself? With us it is possible!


About RevitaHealth

RevitaHealth, based in the rejuvenating Cape Winelands, is a health orientated organisation with aesthetic, integrative, anti-ageing and regenerative medical services provided by Dr Ledivia Strauss.


Dr Ledivia Strauss is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic medicine. Growing up in Keimoes in the Northern Cape, her passion for health and urge to improve the quality of life of those in need lead to her obtaining her MBChB (Medical) degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2004. She initially had an interest in anaesthesiology and after completing her post graduate diploma in anaesthesiology in 2007, her life took an unexpected turn when she moved to France with her husband who was a professional rugby player at the time.

Dr Rolene Strauss was raised in a small town called Volksrust in South Africa, Rolene Strauss stays true to her roots. She thanks her family for playing an enormous role in who she is today. Her passion for health, education and women are at the core of her being and motivates her to live a purpose driven life.


RevitaHealth’s aesthetic and anti-ageing components are based on analysing and synergistically treating the skin and ongoing ageing process inside and out. RevitaHealth offers:

  • Neurotoxin

  • Dermal Fillers

  • Thread Lifting

  • Mesotherapy

  • Skin Resurfacing

  • Non-Surgical Body Contouring

  • Dermapen


  • Weight Loss

  • Detox

  • Epigenetic DNA Testing


Ageing is an inevitable process which brings about various different challenges and symptoms like chronic fatigue, memory loss, low libido, hot flushes, dry skin, insomnia and the inability to lose weight.

Too often, patients succumb to the negative effects of imbalanced hormones and start using mostly ineffective and sometimes unnecessary chronic medication. By doing various blood tests, doctors at RevitaHealth assesses individual hormone imbalances and provides customized treatment plans.

These individual treatment plans may consist of bioidentical hormone replacements, personalised supplements, nutritional plans as well as suggestions regarding lifestyle changes.

At RevitaHealth clients of all ages and genders can benefit from an anti-ageing consultation and customised treatment plans.

RevitaHealth Women Summit

“Just as the brain, heart and lungs are vitally important organs, the mind plays an integral role in the wellbeing of an individual. The benefit of psychologically being, and staying, motivated is priceless when it comes to health and working towards the best version of oneself.” – Dr Rolene Strauss

That is exactly why RevitaHealth is hosting Women Summits where thoughts regarding health, wellness and planning your future will be shared by Dr Ledivia Strauss, Dr Rolene Strauss and various guest speakers in the health, wellness and beauty industry.

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